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April 4, 2011
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Kim Possible was worried for her friend...and a bit worried about her reputation. Ron Stoppable was told he needed an extracurricular activity so it could look good on college resumés, Ron wanted something that he could do good without it being too difficult, so he decided to Join Middleton's Cheerleading Squad with Kim. She was against the idea of course but the rules didn't discriminate the idea of a boy joining, there were boy cheerleaders. Still, She, along with Bonnie Rockwaller and several other members didn't approve, but they couldn't stop him from trying out.

At the day of Ron's tryout, Bonnie was upset that Kim was going to let him go through with it. Ron was waiting outside for the girls to get ready while Kim was about to explain how it would work, and maybe get Ron to have any doubts about doing it.  

"Having Stoppable on our team will bring our team to the bottom" Bonnie ranted "Not only in regionals but the bottom of the social Food chain!" Another cheerleader, Tara, walked up to her "Heh, maybe it could work out if Ron was a girl" she said jokingly. Bonnie was about to reply when that though hit her, she paused for a moment before she smiled, a very predator-like smile, "That's it." The other girls looked at her "What's it?" some asked.


As this was going on, we focus on Kim confronts Ron as he waits outside girl's locker room. "Hey Ron," she called to him, Ron smiled at him "Hey KP" he called out, using his nickname for her. " Girls take a while to get ready, huh" Ron asked, feeling a bit impatient.

"Yeah..." replied Kim, this was her last chance to let him back away from this idea. "Ron...are you sure you want to join the Cheerleaders?" she asked a bit quickly. Before Ron could reply, Bonnie and several of the Cheerleaders walk out to confront the two. "Oh I can see it in your eyes, loser, you want to be a cheerleader. And the rest of us agree...if you're going to join have to...look it."

Ron steps back, looking worried "What, what do you mean... look it?"
Bonnie smiles "get him" suddenly, the rest of the cheerleaders grab Ron. "Hey, what's going on! Stop!" he cried out. He tried to fight them but there were too many, Kim looked on, shocked to do anything at first. The girls began to carry/drag him to the Locker room "Hey, let him go" Kim cried out, she rushes to the locker room. Bonnie enters last and slams the door shut, locking it before Kim could open them. "Ooh...the one day I forget the Kimunicator" she said as she struggled to open them again.


Inside, the girls start stripping Ron of all his clothes, Practically ripping them off. Ron was only grateful that Rufus was sick and couldn't carry him, he didn't want to think what the girls would do to him. Soon, they all finished, leaving only his boxers, Bonnie adds "the boxers too" and they pull them off of him.

Ron looks around and sees he has nowhere to go as the girls corner him in the showers. Bonnie says "He needs to be shaved." Ron doesn't know what to do as the girls advance him, carrying razors and shaving gel. Ron asks "now, ladies... we can talk about this...right?"

Suddenly, the girls rush him, covering his more hairy areas with the foam/gel. "Now, unless you want hundreds of cuts, you'll stay still." Ron timidly nods and the shaving begins.

Once he was completely shaved The girls lead Ron to a bench and told him to sit. He could hear Kim banging on the door outside but he knew he could not escape. "Okay, Loser," Bonnie said as she handed him a pair of pink silky panties "put these on, and make sure you tuck that thing away!"
Ron eyes widen as he now gets a better idea on what they're doing "You've got to be kidding me...."

"Oh no...veRONica...we're not want to be a Cheerleader...then you are going to be a cheerleader...a girl cheerleader" Bonnie said and emphasized.  Having no choice, Ron timidly took the panties and slid then up his smooth hairless legs. He could see the other girls behind Bonnie all preparing the outfit he was about to wear.

Bonnie laughs "perfect. you're becoming a girl already" She makes sure Ron's manhood is tucked before having one of the girls come over. She takes a bottle and starts squeezing it's contents onto Ron's chest, followed by a pair of c-cup breast forms "That should help"
Ron looked down at his chest and saw a pair of breasts, and he grabbed them with both hands only to find that they were very firmly attached. "BONNIE! what are you doing? How am I supposed to get these things off me?" Bonnie looked at him a little confused, "Why would you want to take them off?" At that moment, one of the girls start putting a lacy bra on Him, the bra matches the panties "You're gonna be on our team for a very...VERY long time."

Ron was scared now, he didn't know how far these girls were going to take this as they pulled some sheer pantyhose up his now sexy legs and another group of girls were pulling the uniform top on over his head. He felt hands on his legs as he felt them pulling the Skirt up and soon he was zippered in to the schools Cheerleader uniform. "Oh VeRONica," Bonnie said "You're looking great so far!

Ron blushed as he felt the uniform on him, he moved around a bit, making the skirt swish "Wow...this is...this is actually...kinda nice" he holds them hem up a bit and Bonnie just laughs "See, I knew you'd love it. Now it's time for your makeover" the girls take Ron to the mirrors and they sit him down in front of it.

Ron could only watch in amazement as the girls applied the blush and eyeliner and mascara. They worked in tandem with expertise. "Pay attention VeRONica, you're going to need to know how to do this yourself" one of the girls whispered in his ear as pink Lip-gloss was painted on his now luscious lips. Ron smiled a bit as he saw his beautiful reflection.

Bonnie smiles "one last thing" Tara takes out a brunette wig. After putting a wig cap on Ron, she places the wig on his head, then she styles it into a pony tail. "There we go. All Done" The girls take Ron to the full length Mirror and he sees his new female self.

Ron's surprised "That's really me?" they all nod. Ron performs a few girl poses and smiles, holding the hem of the skirt again, making it wider in  curtsy-like pose "This...this isn't so bad." Suddenly, a flash appears and we see all the girls with their cameras.

Bonnie smiles "Come on VeRONica, Pose for us" Ron blushes and smiles as he starts posing for the girls as they each take his picture. Ron doesn't even realize how easy it is for him to pose and act like a proper little cheerleader until the girls stop. Bonnie walks up to him and hand him his new pom-poms. "Okay Veronica, we've got a practice to get to. so lets get your cute little tush into the gym so we can start... Oh I can't wait till Kim sees you!" Bonnie gushed as she made her way to the doors.


We return to outside the Locker Room, Kim starts growing tired as she is now slumped on the floor. Finally, the doors open and Bonnie's the first to exit "Hello Kim. I would like to introduce our newest member. Veronica." Kim looks up and is in Shock seeing Ron dressed completely like a girl cheerleader "Oh my God....." Kim gasped.

Ron looked embarrassed as he was led out of the girls locker room. "R.. Ron is that... you?" Kim stuttered in shock. A slight smile crept across his cute face as he eyes met hers "No, Kim... my name is Veronica." Kim stepped back in shock again as Veronica fingered the hem of his Cheer skirt.

Kim noticed something, she walked up to Ron and first lifted the top, showing his new breast and bra. Ron pulls it back down and blushes "Kim, there could be guys here" Kim ignored the comment and pulled the skirt up, she gasp as she saw Panties. She rushed to Bonnie and grabs her "What did you do to him?!"

"Nothing he didn't want done to him" Bonnie said snobbishly as she starred down Kim. " Think about it, Kim. What kind of boy wants to be a Cheerleader?." Ron couldn't make eye contact with Kim as she looked him over. Bonnie smiles at her handy-work "we made him what he's always been. He was never a man...never a boy. He's a wimp, he hangs with girls...he's been a girl for a long time...we just gave him his long-overdue makeover." she then turns to the others. "Ok, girls, let's sees what Veronica can do"

The team, with Ron, all head into the center of the gym as Kim follows behind in defeat. Kim sits down on the bleachers, trying to understand what was happening in front of her as she watched Bonnie and the other girls walk Ron through the routine.

As the music starts blasting, Ron starts dancing more smoothly, more girly. and he was smiling through the entire moment. During this, another of the cheerleaders starts taking pictures of Ron's cheer routine.

Kim is very impressed by Ron's abilities, as he gracefully completes the routine with no mistakes at all. Even Bonnie is stunned by his skill "Wow, Veronica, did you do that?" she asked, to which Ron smiled slyly and said with a feminine lilt to his voice, "I've been watching Kim and you for some time, you honestly think I wasn't paying attention? I've gone home and practiced everything I've seen you girls do."

Bonnie smiles once again "I am impressed. There's no doubt now. Veronica is definitely in" the other girls crowd Ron and congrats. He blushes and says, "Thank you" over and over.

At that moment, a boy with a Beached blonde hair enters the gym, Josh Mankey. He and a few others were carrying supplies and other boxes. He turns to the girls "Hello there, hope you girls don't mind us working while your practice." Bonnie notices this and said "oh no, go right ahead, Josh"

As the girls continue to congratulate Ron...or Veronica in this case, Kim walks over to the group. She puts her hand on Ron's shoulder as he turns his pretty head toward her. "'re my best friend. And...If this is what you want...Then I'll support you."

Ron's eyes widened in surprise, "Really?" Kim Nods "Oh thank you Kim" He hugs her and Kim reluctantly hugs back, "This is what I want. I'm sure of it." Kim smile a bit, she would be a good friend about this, and she was willing to if it meant his...or Her happiness  "Ok, let me get my things and I'll join you with Practice."

As she's leave, Josh passes by the Girls again, this time, he notices Ron. He blushes at the sight of this new girl, he walks up to him and starts talking "Oh...Hi there...are you new to the team?" Ron eyes widen a bit at Josh's sudden appearance, he then realized that Josh didn't recognized him, which caused Ron to blushe "Um...Hi. Yes, I...I just joined" he said in his girl voice.

Bonnie sees this and she lets out another predatorial smile 'This is too good...' she thinks. Josh holds his hand out "I'm Josh...Josh Mankey" Ron reluctantly takes the hand "I'm R...Veronica" he says in his girl voice. "Nice to meet you" Josh said before Kissing his hand, making Ron blush a deep red.

When he pulled away, Bonnie approached the two. "Oh Josh... what are you doing later?" she asks as Ron's face grows redder. "Oh... Uh, nothing I guess, why?" Josh replied a tad confused, yet still holding Ron's hand. "Well, we're all going out later, why don't you and some of your friends come with us, it'll be fun." She said and added "and I'm sure Veronica would love to get to know you better!" as she casted an evil glance at Ron. He looked up into Josh's face, and blushed more as he saw a loving and a light lusting in his eyes.

"Sounds great" he said as he let his hand go "we'll meet up with you later when your practice is over" Ron blushes more and giggles nervously "" he leans closer to Ron and said with a smile "I'll see you later then."

With that, Josh returns to his work, Ron places a hand over his beating chest. Bonnie leans in close to Ron and whispers in his ear "You two are going to be such a cute couple!" as Ron's eyes grew wide in fear. How far was he willing to let this go?

VeRONica the Cheeerleaderby PrincessJessica

Literature / Fan Fiction©2011-2014 PrincessJessica

I'm going to be Honest with you all. I had help wringing this fic.

A few months ago, I was having a Role Play with a fellow Deviant and friend :iconkylenedevlin: and we had the same shared interest of Ron being feminized and dressed up like a girl.

this was somewhat based on it. I saved it just in case we'd have another go. But I haven't heard from him in so long.

I asked his permission to post what we wrote together, but like I said, no reply.

Hope you all like this fic

oh and Disclaimer: I don't own Kim Possible. That belongs to Disney

The Preview Pic is by :iconsandybelldf: who made it for me as a commission [link]
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