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After Practice, some of the cheerleaders headed for the mall, including Bonnie, Tara, Kim and Ron, still dressed as Veronica and in the cheerleader uniform. Josh and some of the others boys joined them.

They all joined at Club Banana where Bonnie and Tara were busy finding outfits for Ron while the boys stayed in the Men's department. Kim kept to herself mostly but kept an eye just in case Ron needed saving from what Bonnie might have planned. Despite Ron enjoying it, she still didn't trust Bonnie to be alone with him...or her.

Bonnie turns Ron "Oh My Gawd, Veronica, you HAVE got to try on this skirt" she said, still using his girl name. The skirt in question was pink, holding it up to Ron, they saw it's length was a few inches above the knees, it had a lace design at the end and gave off a "poofy" look, making  it incredibly feminine.

"Really? This?" Ron asked, looking at it. Bonnie smiled "Why not, this just screams you, and It'll show off your legs. I bet Josh would love to see your cute ass in it too!" she added, making Tara giggle and Ron blush. Tara finds a nice white long sleeved top with a pink heart that exposed his shoulders and matches the dress perfectly, Bonnie finds a pair of pink high heels that would fit Ron's feet, they all giggled as they continued gathering clothes. Once they got what they wanted, they push Ron into the changing room with the outfits.

"Come on, Veronica, you need to try them on to see how they look." Ron blushed as he entered the Dressing Room. Around this time Josh came over after he was finished and looked over where Bonnie and Tara were standing...then he saw Ron...or Veronica as it were.

For the next half hour, Ron acted like their girl's personal model. He first wore a light blue cocktail dress with sequence, black high heels and the wig out of its ponytail and wavy, Bonnie and Tara smiled and giggled. Next came a little black dress, it really showed of Ron's smooth and feminine looking legs, the girl gave a smile as they approved the dress. Then came a swimsuit, it was one-piece and had a skirt, but the hot pink color really looked good on the feminized boy, he blushed as the girls whistled. Next came a blue mini-skirt with a matching top and denim jacket, the girls enjoyed the look it gave Ron.

It ended with the pink skirt and white top they chose first. Bonnie gushed as Tara lead Ron out. "Ronnie, I dont know how to say this, but that outfit was MADE for you. You look amazing!" she said, making him blush. Ron turned his shy eyes to Kim who was looking him up and down "Wow, Ron, I mean, Veronica... Bonnie's right. You look great." Ron's heart skipped a beat as his best friend admitted he looked better as a Girl than as a Boy.

Before he could do anything else, he hears and sees Josh call to him "Veronica?" He moves closer to get a good look at the femmed up boy and looked in awe. " look great." Ron blushes shyly "Really Josh?" "Yeah" He replied "You should totally buy that" Ron just blushed more. "Oh she's getting it alright, it's a special gift from us in honor of our newest member." Bonnie said.

After getting all the clothes back, they began ringing out, Bonnie buying all the clothes Ron had tried on for him, letting Ron wear the assemble out the store. Despite the situation, Ron was really enjoying himself. Suddenly, he feels a firm hand rubbing its way up his ass. He turned and saw Josh there, smiling a bit

"Josh!" He blushed again as he tried to move his hand away from his ass "You're acting a bit daring, we just met" He said in his girl voice. Josh gave a light blush "Sorry, it's're so beautiful...I can barely contain myself" he said as he moved closer, wrapping his arms around Ron, making him blush more at the contact. Kim gave a surprised look and blushed, seeing her crush, Josh, practically claiming Veronica as his date for the rest of the trip. After meeting up with Josh's friends, they were deciding on what to do next.

Kim was about to suggest something, but from the store, her Gal pal, Monique called her back, "Kim, thank goodness I got you before you left, they just got in stock that teal top you wanted so much" she said. Kim gave a smile, wanting to get that top for a while. "I'll be right back guys, this will take a moment." she said to them and went back in. Bonnie gave an evil smile as she said "Lets go see a Movie."

Ron's eyes widened "M-Movie?" he squeaked as Josh moved closer, wrapping an arm around his bare shoulders and waist. "Sure babe, we'll see a movie and maybe get to know each other." Josh said with a sly smirk.  The group walked towards the theater, they entered just as Kim left club Banana with her blouse. Kim saw them and gasped, and gasped more as she saw Ron with Josh. She ran so she could try and stop them, but they had already got in and the usher stopped Kim for not having a ticket. Kim got really nervous and scared, "Oh no...Ron..." she said to herself.

In the movie theater, Bonnie and Tara Sat in one row with their dates, Ron sat one row in front of Bonnie and Josh sat next to him "Comfy?" he asked "" he nervously said. the lights went down  and the movie began.

near the middle of the showing, Ron felt at ease, he worried about Kim, but soon thoughts of Kim vanished from Ron's mind as he felt a hand on his skirted thigh. He never realized how naked a girl could feel when she was wearing clothes until he felt that hand slowly rub up toward him. Then he realized he just inadvertently called himself a girl. Ron was terrified about what was happening to his mind and his body as he hear Bonnie's whisper to him "Veronica, are you enjoying yourself yet?"

Her whisper seemed a little mocking and a tad vicious but he didn't understand why. To stop the upward movement of Josh's hand Ron grabbed it with his own, figuring he'd be safer holding this boy's hand than letting it wander on it's own. He felt Josh pull his hand and started to kiss it. Ron shuttered, which sounded a bit pleasurable as he felt Josh's lips kiss his hand, then he began moving up his arm and onto his face. Ron blush got darker as his lips moved to his ear, Josh whispered "I really like you Veronica, you're so beautiful" before he started to nibble at his ear.

He pulled away to face Josh but froze as His lips met his lipstick-coated lips, Josh was kissing him. Ron didn't know what to do... screaming and running seemed like a good idea, but with Bonnie there, he was afraid she would tell Josh what he was, and then he'd be forced to change schools and probably states. But sitting here and letting Josh kiss him seemed like an even worse idea. What kind of girl was he anyway to make out with a boy on the first date. Was this a date? It seemed like a date. did he just refer to himself as a girl again? Wow, Josh was a good kisser. and then Ron realized that he was kissing Josh back.

He felt Josh's hands on his neck and his waist and his tongue in his mouth. Ron wasn't going anywhere for the time being, and behind him, Bonnie and Tara giggled. he closed his eyes and pulled Josh closer, if this was going to be his first kiss, it might as well be a good one. Ron's tongue touched his and the two started to go in and out of eachother, Ron started moaning like a girl, this actually felt felt...right. he pulled away to catch his breath and to look at him. Josh smiled, Ron smiled too. he quickly applied a fresh coat of lipstick and they started to kiss again, Ron got daring and kissed Josh all over his face, leaving lipstick marks, it was great as his lips kissed Josh's again.

Meanwhile, Kim was forced to wait outside the movie theater as she had no money and couldn't get in. She was really waiting for Ron to come charging out any minute, but that never happened. Instead, 90 minutes later, Veronica came out leaning on Josh's shoulder looking up at him adoringly as their hands were intertwined. Kim was horrified by this, and then she saw the lipstick marks on Josh's face, and the huge grins on Bonnie and Tara's faces.

Kim tried to control her revulsion, She walked up to Josh and Ron "Excuse me, Josh, can I speak to VeRONica for a moment" Josh smiled and said "Sure thing"

"Thank you" With that, Kim dragged Ron to a secure place, the Girl's restroom. Making sure no one else was there, she confronted Ron "What the Hell Happen?! How could you...was it you who...Why were you...?" Kim couldn't speak straight at she was thinking this. "Kim!" Ron said, tears in his eyes, and betrayal on his face "I-I had no choice... it was either make out with him or have him find out that I'm a boy!" "But, RON, you ARE a BOY!" Kim screamed. "I know that! I didn't want HIM to know!" Ron shouted, his voice practically high.

"I was trapped" He continued, "And Bonnie...for all I know. she would tell everyone That I like to dress like a girl and try to make out with boys!" Ron sputtered. "Look, Kim, I don't want to... to do this, I-I have to do this. Look, I'll let him take me home, and then we'll never have to think, speak or worry about this ever again." Ron said. "But RON...what are you going to tell your parents when you walk into your house dressed like that?"

Ron tried to think about this, he knew his parent's wouldn't understand, and with the fake breast forms glued on him, it would be hard to return as a boy. He got an idea "Kim, you have to help me with that" "what do you mean?" she asked. "Tell Josh that I'm staying at your place for the night, make something up. I can trust your parents with this, please Kim, please help me...I'm so scared" He started crying and holding himself scared.

Kim, sighed and agreed to help him as they walked back out to find Bonnie, Tara and the other boys gone, only Josh was still there. "Hey Baby, you ready to go?" Josh said taking Ron by the hands and pulling him into another soft and romantic Kiss. Kim Blushed seeing the sight. Josh acted like such a sweetheart, making her smile, but then she remembered that he was kissing her guy friend, making her shutter a bit. "Uh, Josh? Can you drop us both off at my place? We're having a... uh... sleepover tonight." Josh seemed a little annoyed that he wouldn't get Veronica all to himself in the car but agreed anyway.


It was later at night, Josh was driving with Kim in the back and Ron in the passenger seat, Josh couldn't help but brush Ron's legs with his hand at each red light they hit. Soon, they made their way to Kim's house.

"Thanks for the lift Josh" Kim said as she exited, then Ron replied in his girl voice "Yes, it was very nice of you." Josh smiled "Will I see you again, Veronica?"  he asked, Ron nervously said, " might, you never know" he said, batting his lashes, an involuntary act, his mind acting more feminine with each moment/

"Goodnight then" Josh said before pulling Ron into another deep kiss on the lips, their mouths opened and their tongues met, Ron started to moan and kiss Josh harder, wrapping his arms around him, he soon took over the kiss until Kim pulled him back a bit "come on, VeRONica..."

They pulled away, both of them had a dazed look on their faces "Goodnight Josh" Ron said with a lovers sigh. they both got out of the car and Josh drove off "I can't believe you kissed him again. I think I saw you French him too" Kim said with some revulsion in her tone "I know, I can't believe it either, but that kiss felt so....good..." Ron said, finishing with a sigh.

At that moment, another care came by and we see Bonnie behind the wheel "So here's where you ran off to, Veronica. And without telling me too." "Enough of this Bonnie, the day is over" Kim started to say, Bonnie laughed "Oh no it's not Possible. There's still some things to take care of with Stoppable. He's coming with us."

"And if I don't?" Ron asked, "Then...I'm afraid that I'll have to tell Josh that his new really a boy. and who knows what he might do if he knew that." Bonnie threatened. Ron looked at Kim and sighed as he entered Bonnie's car. "Ron...we'll fix this somehow...I promise." Kim said just before the car drove off.

"Well, Veronica, we're gonna have so much fun this year." Bonnie began. "This year" He asked "Well yeah. You can't expect to join the cheer squad and just go back to boyhood." Bonnie began, "Oh no...this is just the beginning. Seeing you make out with Josh told me enough. You are a girl trapped in a boy's body...and I'm going to help you get that girl out, not to mention have some fun in the process."

Ron looked scared, "Bonnie, please. I don't want to be a girl. You can't make me!" He said. Bonnie then thew something at the back seat for Ron to see. It was several photos, of not only Ron posing in his cheer uniform, but all the process the girls got him in, from the underwear out...all of them looked like Ron wasn't fighting fact he was enjoying it all. and with those pictures were shots of Ron making out with Josh, every kiss, hand hold and embrace. "There are more copies, each ready to be displayed all across the net. Of course if you keep quiet, and behave like a good little sissy girly boy...then I'll keep quirt about these." Bonnie said.

Ron looked at them, his fate was sealed and he knew it. Bonnie laughed as she said one last this to add to his predicament. "Welcome to girlhood, Veronica. You're going to love it."


VeRONica the Cheerleader part 2 by PrincessJessica

/ / ©2012-2016 PrincessJessica
After so many months, pratically a year, a sequel chapter to "VeRONica the cheerleader" is up.

Now This will NOT be the end of Ron's feminizing adventures. Nope. There will be more stories, just not day by day. they'll be like episodes of a cartoon.

anyway, enjoy, and remember, I don't own Kim Possible, that belongs to Disney

The preview pic belongs to :iconkalahee:
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Bonnie is SO evil!!! Oh god how is Josh going to react if (IF) he learns that VeRONica is the "loser" known as RON STOPPABLE!!!! That SO aint kool of Bonnie! Wade should make a "forget-me" ray gun or somethin so that Ron and Kim can use it on them and Bonnie and the others will forget all about Veronica
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Where's Rufus?

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The last sentence of paragraph 8 Bonnie uses he, not she, in front of Josh.
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